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Planning your Safe Travel

We want everyone to enjoy their experience at the Durham Craft Beer Festival and provide the following information to help you plan safe and responsible travel options.

Children's Arena is located at
155 Arena Street, Oshawa

Drink Responsibly.  Don't Drink and Drive


Durham Region Transit

Durham Region Transit has a variety of routes that operate around the area of Children's Arena, with scheduled stops on Bond St., Adelaide Ave., Centre Street and Park Rd.

While each may require a short walk to Children's Arena, the Oshawa Botanical Gardens is in full bloom for next weekend's Peony Festival.


Ride Share 

Oshawa doesn't have any licensed DD Services, so Ridershare Apps like Uber and Lyft are common options.

Plan ahead and download the Apps today


Local Taxi

Oshawa has two taxi services, BlueLine and City Wide.

Expect long waits.

If all else fails, call MOM!


Neuron e-scooter

Try something new on your way to sample some new beverages.

The City of Oshawa has recently contracted with two providers of rental e-scooters, and these bright orange Neuron scooters will be available at many local DRT bus stops near Children's Arena.

Remember, these operate on the road and you are advised not to drink and ride!

Plan a responsible ride home.

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